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Career and personal development for awakening team leaders

Would you be relieved to find out that you do not need to change your career to make a difference? That there is an alternative way that can make a difference wherever you work. That you can create change where it is needed most?

Personal development tools can be integrated with authentic corporate development techniques, creating change at the heart of where it is need the most. A community of strong authentic business leaders is growing. Leaders who can use cutting-edge personal development tools to build effective teams and increase profits, whilst increasing well-being.

Would you like to be a part of this community?

Would you like to re-focus your skills so that you can stay in your current job, whilst remaining true to your values and making a difference?

If so, click here to schedule a free consultation to talk about awakened leadership coaching and how this could support you.

Awakened Leadership Coaching can enable you to:

• Become a powerful, creative and effective leader
• Inspire highly motivated and productive teams
• Communicate and manage with empathy
• Reduce conflict
• Tap into high levels of creativity
• Create an authentic, winning brand identity

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Your guide for the journey is Landa Ananda Love

Landa has over 20 years experience of guiding others to reach their full potential.

She worked in the corporate world as a marketing and communications manager. During her process of awakening she completely turned her back on her career and delved head first into the world of personal development. Having fully integrated this into her work, she then realised that these tools can be integrated into the corporate world, at the heart of where change is need the most.

After reaching the ‘top of the ladder’ as an International Communications Manager, a Chartered Marketer with an MSc in Marketing, a tutor with the Oxford College of Marketing and Lecturer at Brighton University, she crashed, realising that there wasn’t anything at ‘the top of the ladder’. She then had a period of awakening in her late twenties.

It was a challenging time, where Landa questioned her life so far and the career choices she had made. She went on to try many different personal development and healing modalities and undertook extensive trainings in those that she found most effective. Landa then went on to set up a number of businesses within the wellness sector. She now integrates the best of her marketing and personal development trainings and experience, in a well tested structure, to simplify and accelerate others’ personal and career development. She sees Authentic Marketing as one of the most powerful tools for personal and social transformation.

She is a certified life coach (IICT), business coach (FCIM), meditation teacher (IYN), body-mind therapist (ATH) and advanced yoga teacher (YRT 500, Yoga Elder). She is also a registered facilitator trainer with the IYN and the IICT.

Landa has a rich tapestry of life experiences and trainings to draw from in guiding you on your journey and her rare set of combined skills in business and personal development allows her to offer business coaching as a personal development process. Her work is highly effective in helping you to develop your full potential, discover your passion and purpose, communicate authentically and effectively, open to your creativity, intuition and connection to life force energy, and develop presence, resilience and peace/strength of mind.

"Working with Landa as my coach has been a real delight. She beautifully blends various qualities that one wishes for in your "support person"; clear and specific yet receptive and compassionate; practical and knowledgeable yet intuitive and imaginative; humorous yet profound. She invites you into a creative dance of possibility. All the different trainings and experiences she has under her belt come together in a delicious and effective blend. I loved having her by my side. My work felt manageable, powerful and pleasurable as a result. I felt met in my mind, heart and body."
Agata Krajewska, Theatre of Awakening

Click here to arrange a free initial consultation to find out if we are a good match to work together.

About your guide ~ Landa Love

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