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“Landa’s program helped me to access my own beliefs; positive and negative, understand how my mind had been conditioned and find ways to begin to change those beliefs that were not serving me. My desires, my dreams, those of now and those of my ideal future vision were all accessed from tiny seeds I had sprouting in me, that had previously been trodden back into the soil of everyday life, and not given the space to grow. The program gave me to the tools to reflect and the space to vision and the ground was prepared for growth to begin.
I am not for one moment claiming it was all an easy journey. Looking deeply at yourself never really is. But the process offered helped me to see myself and my potential, and the helpful guidance and meditations offered got me through the challenging parts and just sailing on to those calmer shores.
3 months back, it might have all been a long term thought in my mind, but if you’d have questioned me as to “would I accomplish”, “was it possible”, I have to say my doubts would have been strong.
My confidence and belief grew. Negatives were changed to positives and that which I accomplished, in a way that felt off my own back, was a feeling that made me believe further. The horizon isn’t in the distance. It’s here and it’s yours now.
I would say go ahead and try. Just try with whatever needs sorting; small or large. It is possible and can come true. Let Landa help you make it.”

Stuart Peffer, Advanced Yoga Teacher (YRT500), Nutritional Consultant and Yoga Teacher Trainer

“It is hard for me to describe working with Landa. She holds such a deep and insightful space yet the atmosphere is light, friendly and often with much laugther. I felt seen, heard and discovered aspects of myself that I hadn't recognised before. Moving through blocks and finding the gifts inside them was freeing and I also felt that I was learning the skills to do this for myself rather than becoming reliant on a therapist.

I learnt practical skills to help with my business, health and organisation of time, how to communicate more authentically and many spiritual/processing techniques and practices. To say I feel resourced is an understatement.”

Alex, Acupuncturist

"Working with Landa as my coach has been a real delight. She beautifully blends various qualities that one wishes for in your "support person"; clear and specific yet receptive and compassionate; practical and knowledgeable yet intuitive and imaginative; humorous yet profound. She invites you into a creative dance of possibility. All the different trainings and experiences she has under her belt come together in a delicious and effective blend. I loved having her by my side. My work felt manageable, powerful and pleasurable as a result. I felt met in my mind, heart and body."

Agata Krajewska, Theatre of Awakening

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Landa is an exceptionally hard working motivated person. She is creative, innovative and has good communication skills, good observational skills and good analytical skills.

As a student her work was exceptional; plenty of it and always at the highest standard. She was one of the most enjoyable students we have had. So much so that after a few years of experience, we employed Landa as an assignment and Direct Learning tutor – where once again she has produced results – this time for her students who love and appreciate the effort she has put into them. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Rosie Phipps, Founder and Principal, Oxford College of Marketing

Landa worked as the Business Manager for BULB magazine, Britain’s first and only global issues and ethical lifestyle magazine for young people. Today BULB is a successful independent publication with an international readership of 20,000. BULB’s principle aim is to generate awareness of global issues – from the environment to human rights – and encourage young people to campaign for global justice and peace, through an inclusive communications process.

As a start up in 2004 and the first of its kind, BULB was an incredibly risky venture, but Landa courageously left a comfortable and well-paid marketing position in a big construction firm to take up the challenge with verve and enthusiasm, without any security of pay. It was clear from the beginning that Landa came with a genuinely strong conviction of the need to use her business and marketing skills and experience to help generate positive social change and contribute to making the world a fairer place.

Landa had the formidable task of preparing a three-year business plan from scratch that had to do much more than defeat the usual investor scepticism towards start up magazines: her plan had to convince potential investors of the validity of a not-for-profit cooperative with a strict ethical criteria for advertising and revenue generation and a novel grassroots distribution model inclusive of young people. During our fist year Landa secured a three year grant from Christian Aid of £30,000 and £25,000 from Unltd Fund for Social Entrepreneurs.

Once she had secured initial funding, Landa began implementing the business plan. In charge of marketing, ad-sales and distribution, she helped build marketing partnerships with the not-for-profit sector in order to promote the magazine, she built a network of ethical advertisers and also began establishing relationships with community groups to start our grassroots distribution and outreach work. Landa was the ideal partner to work with; never needing prompting or pushing, not afraid of taking the initiative, yet open to discussion and learning, and acting on other’s leads and ideas.

Land is organised, disciplined, gutsy and driven. At BULB, she showed a rare commitment to a vanguard project, spotting its potential at a time when few others would. She carried out BULB’s vision with admirable dedication, often working without breaks for many hours, and well into the early hours of the morning to meet deadlines. I often had to force her to take a break! She also showed great communication skills, which impressed the cooperative at the New Internationalist Magazine and helped to secure their valuable marketing and logistical support for the project.

Landa has the rare mix of qualities that are sorely needed in the social economy; that of an extremely competent business administrator, with the imagination to invent and explore new marketing opportunities where traditional ones may be inappropriate, and a passion for social issues that she has developed on her own, through experience, independent thinking and gut instinct. She is both passionate and practical, and has a cool head for analysis. I can confidently say that without Landa, BULB would never have become the beacon of light that it has been for so many.

Amaranta Wright, Director & Editor, Bulb Media Limited

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